Right, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. So, if marketing is not just marketing, what else is involved? Brand awareness and communication make up a very large part of this marketing “thing”. Yes, it’s a “thing”. We call it a “thing” because marketing is so broad a term that it is not just a singular concept or action but rather a combination of a number of concepts mixed together with an expected outcome. It’s much like the internal gears of an analogue watch. One gear slots in with another gear which slots in with a different gear and so on. These gears work in tandem to produce a singular outcome which would be the moving of the clack’s arms or dials. The dials move in a synchronised manner and their end goal would be the telling of the time.

Now if you bear with me for a second, I should be able to put things into perspective for you. If the gears represent the base components of the clock, then in terms of marketing this would represent the Facebook or Google Ads, the sales funnel and the various automated emailing and tracking systems that make up the basis of a good marketing campaign. The moving of the dials on the watch would then represent the customers receiving the ads or the corresponding emails, phone calls, etc. But this is still not the end goal of a marketing campaign. The sale is what you’re after, right ……. RIGHT? Okay, then the telling of the time, with respect to the watch analogy, would be the sale of the product or service.

Without every single one of the numerous moving parts hidden within the watch and working in perfect sync, the watch could never accurately tell the time.

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